Lake Side Cafe is known for our participation when it comes to big food events and parties. With the help of a truck full of sustainable and green products, we like to introduce our delicious and healthy vegetarian cuisine to a different target group. Those events are very important to us, since it is the only way to motivate others to enjoy more organic food. We are aware that organic meals are slightly more expensive than general dishes, but the high-quality is really worth to try. This year, Lake Side Cafe will participate the next upcoming food event called Foodies Fest, located in the center of Chicago! This food truck event is sponsored by the online gambling companies LeoVegas and Pronto casino.

Foodies Fest will be held in the Chicago Park District and will provide their visitors with more than 300 different food trucks, including our green Lake Side Cafe truck! In order to introduce our delicious meals, our menu during this event will be based on our existing menu. To spice things up, we also thought of an unique and extra dish to keep things interesting for our loyal customers. What can you expect from our menu? First of all, our popular Chicago Polish Vegan will be added to the list! Also people can enjoy the beautiful flavors of our thin crust pizzas during the event. We will also provide our customers with some additional information about the origin of our products, the local farmers and our collaborations.

Thirsty while strolling around on Foodies Fest? Say no more, because we can provide you with the most tastiest and refreshing vegan juices and ice teas. Rather looking for a more sparkling drink? Lake Side Cafe is also selling Blue Sky Organic Soda, Ginger Ales and even Cola. If you are interested in our menu, please swing by during this exciting event! During this date, it is also possible to visit our regular cafe in downtown Chicago. We will make sure that you will not notice any difference in the way we will serve your table! You can always expect the best from our staff and that also applies the Foodies Fest. Here you will find our most professional employees, ready to surprise you with the most healthy meals!

If you are looking for more information about the Foodies Fest, sponsored by Leovegas, please take a look at their official website. If you are interested in a sponsorship, just like the online casino LeoVegas did, you can go to the sponsor subpage on this same website. Lake Side Cafe is very excited to participate an event like this and we definitely are hoping to see you all there. If you are not able to join, please stop by at our cafe in order to try out one of our many great courses!