rganic Hot Drinks: vegan by request

reg lg
Americano 1.75 2.50
Cappuccino 2.50 3.25
Café Latte 2.75 3.50
Café Mocha 3.25 4.00
Lakeside Hot Cocoa 2.50 3.00
Extra Espresso shot 0.75
Sweet Chai 2.50 4.75
Ginger Brew 2.50 4.75
Holiday Cider w cinnamon & nutmeg 2.25 4.25
Choice of Tea
Chamomile, Hibiscus, Yerba Mate, Wuyi Oolong, Jasmine Pearls, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Sencha Green
1.50 2.75

Choice of soy, rice or dairy milk

coffee drinks

house drinks


All milks, teas & coffees are Certified Organic, coffee is Fair Trade Certified

Organic Refreshments : vegan by request

Variety of bottled ice teas 2.50
Variety of bottled juices 2.50
Local Apple Cider 1.50 reg 2.00 lg
Bottled Water 1.50
China Cola 2.50
Blue Sky Organic Soda 1.50
Cola, Orange, Root Beer, Ginger Ale
Lemonade w mint & basil 2.00 reg 2.50 lg
Diary Milk, Soy Milk, Rice Milk 2.00 reg 2.50 lg

Fresh Pressed Organic Juice Blends: vegan

reg lg
Sunshine Juice
Carrot, Apple, Ginger
5.00 7.00
Ruby Delight
Beet, Carrot, Celery
5.00 7.00
Green Goodness
Apple, Broccoli, Spirulina or Wheat Grass
5.00 7.00
Ask for more fruits and veggies
Wheatgrass or Spirulina booster

Fruit Smoothies: vegan by request

Banana Cinnamon 5.00
Blueberry Banana 5.00
Strawberry Banana 5.00

Choice of ORGANIC soy, rice or whole milk




juice blends